Dr. Kent Fletcher and Family

Dr. Kent Fletcher and Family

The Barbara Fletcher Legacy Scholarship was made possible due to the generosity of Dr. Kent Fletcher and his children in honor of their late wife and mother, Barbara.

Barbara was a long-time Platteville resident who is remembered as a person who enjoyed her family, church, and serving as a community volunteer.

She was a registered dietitian who used her knowledge and skills with her family and community. Barbara was involved in PEO, a philanthropic education organization, supporting educational needs for women, a city council member and actively involved in her church.

She was born in Oklahoma and is an Oklahoma State graduate, residing for several decades in Platteville with her husband, Dr. Kent Fletcher, and growing family. She cultivated and established many cherished friends, neighbors, and community relationships in Platteville. Life was never dull, and she enjoyed applying the theory of believing the best about someone until they proved otherwise. Nutrition, politics at every level, and the advancement of women to their potential were all interests.

Barbara’s sons all achieved undergraduate degrees from the University of Platteville as a foundation for ongoing education/professional pursuits. Given Barbara’s love of Platteville and the University of Wisconsin – Platteville, this scholarship is established in loving memory of her.